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Online Registration and Application Management System for Admissions

When Your Education is Online, Shouldn’t Your Admission Process Be?

Every year, the admission season determines the course of your Institution’s future. It is marked by Students in Ques, collecting application forms, submitting application forms and involving in other admission-related activities. When your admission activities decide the future of your Institution, you need to cater the best experience possible. The current generation of students prefers Online Education. So why should your admission process remain Offline?

It’s time to consider Digital First Online Admission Solutions for your Institution and that is where uLektz will come in handy.

A Centralised Digital First Admission Management Solution

uLektz’s Digital first Online Registration and Admission Management Solution leverages the powerful benefits of a fully Automated and Centralised Online Admission Process. With our Cloud-based Online Admission Solutions, you can control the entire admission process without any hitch, right from collecting application forms and fee payments to admitting students to appropriate programs and courses, you can offer confusion-free, paper-work-free Admissions.

Here’s why you should power your Online Admission Process with Our Solution

uLektz Solution simplifies the complexities of admission with

  • Smart Online Documentation – Create customised online application forms for admissions by defining programmes and courses, and enable candidates to fill the specified details, upload the documents and apply for admission online.

  • Seamless Real-time Admission Management – Easily Trace, evaluate and verify the details of your prospective students through Online Application forms and throw off the strenuous routine by automating processes like

Unleash the powerful benefits of the uLektz Admission and Registration Management System

Leverage a Centralised Online Registration and Admission Management system which

  • Accepts Student Applications Online to your Centralised Database

  • Collects and Verifies Statuary and Required Documents Digitally

  • Provides fully automated and safe Online Payment Options for Fee Collection

  • Engages and Connects with your Prospective Students Online, through Social Learning Platforms

  • Conducts Online Entrance Examination with Remote Proctoring Features

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uLektz admission management is the perfect solution for you to leverage the powerful benefits of a digital student onboarding process.

It lets you create your own feature-rich powerful forms to enable students to complete online admissions in a manner that is quick and easy. With uLektz admission management, you will be able to

  • Manage the online application database and automate the entire process by saving man power

  • Automate email communication with the applicant at every stage of the process to keep them engaged

  • Easily review documents online, cross-check mandatory documents, validate and confirm acceptance and record final documents

  • Emailing the admission offer and fee collection through online payment

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