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Online Examination System with Remote Proctoring

A Real-Time Solution to conduct Secure and Efficient Online Examinations

In the era of Digital Education, oftentimes Online Exams tend to pose numerous challenges. With online education and Study from home culture, there is a need to ensure the integrity of the Assessment Exams conducted online and Virtual Examination Solutions are key in answering this need. Online Examinations have unleashed malpractices in online tests where there are cases of students pertaining to tutoring websites and impersonating fellow students during online tests. Academic dishonesty within the sort of cheating and malpractice defeats the whole purpose of education. It is here that online proctoring can help.

Virtual examination solutions through Remote Proctoring features are revolutionizing the way exams are conducted online across Education Institutions worldwide. Interested in leveraging the latest Online Remote Proctoring Solutions? Then you are in the right place.

A Smart Proctoring Solution which delivers Trusted Exam Integrity

uLektz’s virtual examination solution incorporates advanced remote proctoring features that flag suspicious activity and identifies possible mal practitioners with great accuracy – before, during & after the exam, by

  • Authenticating the identity of the candidate through ID verification and Face Recognition solutions before they begin the tests

  • Preventing candidates from accessing web browsers or other applications during the Examination

  • Capturing the photograph of the candidates in real-time while they take up tests

  • Verifying the captured photographs manually before declaring results

Ensure Cheat-free Online Exams through our suite of Online Proctoring Solutions

uLektz Online Examination Solutions are easy to use, seamless to integrate, effortless to monitor and can run on very low internet speeds. With us, you can provide a quality education that also supports take from home exam culture through our smart Virtual Examination Solutions which ensures continuity in learning, while saving faculty’s bandwidth in evaluation.

Seamless and Efficient Security Check before the Exam

Our system ensures the identity of the remote candidates by capturing images of the user attending the exam and authenticating it through ID verification and Image Proctoring features. Only after successful authentication can a user attend Online Exams. This protects your examination from Impersonation malpractices.

Remote Monitoring during the Exam

Your exams are conducted through a safe and reliable browser which prevents remote users from

  • Accessing additional tabs

  • Accessing external Applications

  • Preventing unauthorised remote logins

Added to these, we also offer Live Video Monitoring solutions during the exam so that you can remotely monitor your users to deliver cheat-free exams.

Quality Verification after Examination

Our system’s features don’t end with the examination. We offer few additional after-exam features to ensure the Integrity of your Exams. With our solutions, you can easily evaluate, grade and declare results on time every time. There is an additional checkpoint which we offer before that. Through secured real-time photographs you can verify the identity of your users yet again before you declare the results. This way your results are reliable all around

Interested in conducting Smart, Scalable and Transformative Examinations?

  • With uLektz you can conduct Online Exams On Our Platform With Ease At An Unmatched Scale

  • Use Our Robust Exam Software With Integrated Tools And Industry-leading Features

  • 100% Cheating free exams with a suite of proctoring tools pre embedded in the system

  • End to end management and an all in one platform to conduct,invigilate and evaluate examinations

  • A Wide Variety of exams possible with over 26+ question types including long answers

  • Subjective Question support with allows you to upload long answer type questions using QR Code

  • Impeccable security features

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