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All in One ERP solution backed with CMS features.

Digitise the educational journey of all your stakeholders through one single platform. uLektz Cloud-based ERP solutions deliver the complete Learning Outcomes & Campus Management features by automating the education life cycles of your- Student, Faculty & Administration by providing actionable insights through AI-based Smart Analytics. We offer campus management solutions that improve institutional productivity, boost efficiency, and positive outcome ratio by streamlining work processes and enabling institutions to go paperless.

An ERP solution that delivers Seamless Digital Education

uLektz Education cloud-based ERP solution automates all major processes of an academic institute. Our Digital-first Solution ensures management of all academic & non-academic operations and ensures transparency across all departments.

Imagine having complete control over all the main processes & activities of an academic institute?

Our ERP solution delivers the same by tracking and managing activities of all the departments of the institute including the admin department, finance, library, HR, etc.

Campus Management System- An Integrated Cloud-based ERP feature

WWith our Centralized Campus Management feature, you get a cloud-based ERP system that is useful for all kinds of Educational Institutions. Using this Integrated Campus Management Solution you can effectively centralize the management of multiple campuses under one system. With a complete online solution for digitization of all administrative related activities of the campus and automates you can

Employ a User-friendly ERP solution

Our ERP solutions offer an effective, simple and user-friendly interface suitable for Students, faculty and administration members. Analytics powered dashboards for accessing actionable real-time information and generating reports for better decision-making & compliance.Easy & intuitive structure supporting vernacular languages & tool tips for helping users to adopt easily & navigate with ease

Create Insightful Reports

Provides easy to use ERP solution that generates analytical reports to assist certifications and accreditations like ISO, NAAC, NBA, AICTE, etc

Create a Safe and Secured Centralised Database

Our solution enables Education Institutions to manage entire institutional data of past years alongside necessary documents & generate precise compliance reports that are required to urge accreditation successfully. Additional features include high-standard encryption for data security and automatic backup for data protection.

Manage your Administrative Tasks Easily

Integrate and automate all the executive and academic processes and functions of the institution, and access it from anywhere anytime. Manage your daily activities online through one-click like

  • Student Lifecycle Activities.

  • Online Admissions.

  • Academics.

  • Faculty Lifecycle Management.

Customise your ERP to meet your needs

We understand that every Educational Institution has unique needs. Our flexible and customisable ERP solution answers the unique requirements and processes of individual colleges and universities.

Employ Smart Cloud-Based Solutions as part of your Digital Education

Our solutions are built using the latest cloud-based open source technologies. This sets your institution apart because

  • They are easy to implement, hence you don’t need a dedicated IT team to manage them

  • They involve lesser time and price, hence you don’t need huge investments to implement them

  • They don’t need dedicated hosting hence the Initial cost of Investment is less.

Interested in Implementing our ERP solutions?

uLektz Campus is a first-of-its-kind AI-powered learning and campus management system providing a one-stop solution for all the needs of a higher education institution. It uses an ed-tech platform approach offering a comprehensive multi-modal solution using innovative technologies for learning and campus management to skill development, internships, and job placements. uLektz Campus helps colleges to integrate and automate all the critical academic and administrative activities and provide appropriate digital resources for education, skill development, and careers. With uLektz Campus, you can enable digital education for your institution for better learner engagement, enhance academic effectiveness, improve institutional performance and ensure student success. With uLektz ERP you will be able to

  • Learning Management

  • Academic Management

  • Apps and Web portal

  • Finance management

  • Learning and Development

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