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eBook Readers and DRM

Protect and distribute your enhanced and interactive content

Your Digital Content Protection made Easy and Reliable.

Forget your piracy protection concerns with us. Publish, Protect and Distribute your enhanced and interactive Digital Content worry-free with our strong, safe and digitally encrypted DRM solutions.

uLektz DRM solutions provide you with multi-level DRM protection through which you can prevent piracy and illegal distribution of your Digital Content. With us, your customers can purchase and access your Digital eBooks with ease.

You need a eBook distributing service that understands your customer’s needs and delivers them diligently.

uLektz reader apps are specially designed to make the reading experience more engaging and interesting. They support various formats and standards of ebooks such as PDF, ePUB2, ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout), HTML5, SCORM, TinCan API, DAISY Talking Books and Media-Overlay.

uLektz reader apps are not just preferred ebook reader apps for reading but also for learning. Its backend analytics engine “Reads the consumer” such as the readers’ profile, interests, purchase patterns, time spent on specific topic, chapter or book, activities performed and the outcomes of the activities. It also offers some innovative and unique features such as:

  • Uniform user experience across various devices and platforms

  • Add notes with Text, Pictures, Audio and Video

  • Read while you walk

  • Cloud synchronization of data

  • Supports Left-To-Right (LTR), Right-To-Left (RTL), Top-to-Bottom (TTB) and Indian languages

Delivering Smart DRM Solution in the most Simplified way possible

Our Intelligent and unique DRM solutions deliver an efficient Digital Protection for your Content through Multi-Level protective layers. We use three levels of protection

Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 128-bit CBC encryption with no padding)

uLektz DRM uses AES 128-bit CBC encryption. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS), is an approved cryptographic algorithm that protects your digital data. The AES algorithm is a block cypher that can encrypt and decrypt digital information using cryptographic keys of 128, 192, and 256 bits.

Media Access Control (MAC) address

Our DRM solution uses the MAC address of the devices to protect your digital content from piracy and illegal distribution. The Digital Content purchased by a user in a specific device cannot be transferred to any other device without a publisher’s permission. Using uLektz DRM solutions, you can enable and/or restrict the users to access their digital content to a certain number of devices. Our DRM gives you- the owner of the Digital Content, the control over users’ accessing it on multiple devices thereby making it piracy safe.

User Authentication

The uLektz DRM solutions can easily be integrated with a web portal where your Digital Content assets are sold. To purchase your Digital Content, your user has to enter their username and password to log in to the system and make the payment or download the Digital Content (in case it’s free). These user login credentials are stored in the encrypted format and are verified on the client-side of the application (reader) while decrypting the book. If the user login credentials do not match, your user can’t access your Digital Content. This way you control who gets to consume your Digital Content.

A Scalable and Resilient DRM solution trusted by Digital Content Owners and Distributors across the globe

Unlike other DRM solutions out in the market, uLektz DRM solutions are trusted by numerous small-scale and Corporate level Content Owners and Distributors due to their reliable and customer-centric features like

  • Strong encryption and decryption mechanism.

  • Digital Content uploaded into the portal will be encrypted using 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standards DRM.

  • Purchased / Subscribed Digital Content can be accessed from Laptops, Desktops, Tablets and Android Smartphones.

  • Our solution supports various formats of Digital Content.

  • Easy to use interface giving the Content Owners and Distributors full control of content and customer’s content consumption.

  • Real-time access to sales report and customers profiles

  • Provide complete analytics (user preferences and book purchased with sales report) of the consumer.

  • Multicurrency support to purchase books in our eBook eCommerce store

  • User friendly UI/UX makes it easily accessible by students

  • Latest web and mobile technology with integrated payment gateway and white labelled eBook reader

A Scalable and Safe DRM solution is just a call away! Enquire today.

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