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Audio and Video Conferencing Solutions for Online Live Classes

A Virtual Classroom Solution that Digitally Transforms the Education Sector

In the last few years when the Education System evolved, uLektz Learning Solutions identified the various challenges existing in our Industry. The major among them is connectivity and communication issues. To overcome these obstacles we have developed an avant-garde solution that promotes Digital Classrooms and Education.

Digitise your classrooms through uLektz’s Virtual Classroom Solutions.

Our solutions are ideated and delivered to not only improve how the classroom functions, but also caters to the requirements of learners, educators, management and even parents. uLektz Video Enabled Solutions offers superior quality audio solutions that address the existing communication challenges by empowering educators and learners to experience exceptional, high-impact learning.

Through our ingenious solutions, we offer you more than just a Virtual Classroom. Instead, we offer you a Digital Enabled Learning Ecosystem.

Conduct Smooth Multi-Location Meetings

An educational institution with multiple campuses faces communication and connectivity challenges. An easy and effective video conferencing solution empowers professors in several locations to collaborate via virtual meetings which can promote long-distance learning and simultaneously cut out transit costs.

uLektz Audio Video Solutions provide you with a real-life Virtual Setup that permits faculties to share ideas, exchange data, and make sure that a high standard of teaching is maintained across all campuses/locations and any inevitable situations like a global pandemic. Administrative staff also can use it to make sure university-wide standardization and control of processes and procedures are maintained across all verticals.

Conduct Interactive Online Lectures

Another challenge is to record class lectures for Live Lectures and/or later distribution and remote viewing. This necessitates having reliable Audio/Video Solutions that offer live recording of your Online Classes.

uLektz Audio Video Solutions provide you with high-standard Live recording Features through which you can record your Online Lectures Easily and share the same through Online Mediums for your students who couldn’t attend these lectures.

Offer On-Demand E-Tutoring and Counseling Services

Your students who are geographically dispersed, need a technology solution that permits distance-learning programs with reliable and intuitive online features which optimizes the interaction between students and the teaching staff.

uLektz Audio Video solution is ideal for enabling this need. These solutions enable educators to show, distribute assignments, and support learners who successively can access courses/assignments online and interact with peers, and have a better understanding of the subject through audio/visual methodology.

The Most Powerful and Advanced Virtual Classroom Solutions

Our Virtual Classroom has many awesome essential features for seamless collaboration between Educator and Learner. Our Virtual Classroom delivers almost everything which your student might need thereby making it an interactive and interesting Online Session.

  • Video

  • Voice

  • Hand rise

  • Live-chat

  • Screen Sharing

  • Recording

  • Class Group Creation

Are you Interested in Augmenting your Education using Virtual Classroom Solutions?

With uLektz Virtual Classroom has many awesome essential features for seamless collaboration between Presenter and Participants. Our Virtual Classroom covers almost everything you need to engage your students geographically. Our Virtual Classroom covers almost everything you need to engage your students geographically.

  • File Transfer on the Fly – It allows you to send files during conferencing directly without using third-party solutions. File transfer is used when it is necessary to send files of various types: photos, audio and video files, documents etc.

  • Bring Your Own Device Friendly – BYOD-friendly, users can join and host from multiple devices— PCs, handhelds and mobile, cell phones, smartphones. Virtual Classroom Solution allows the integration of multiple devices in a session.

  • Advanced Bandwidth Management – Dynamically adapts communication parameters. Transparent mode for the user. Upgrades or downgrades depending on CPU capacity, available bandwidth and network delay.

  • Powerful Moderation Tools – Grant webcam & microphone access for participants, allow/disallow whiteboard control, sharing documents & presentations, and screen sharing

  • Secure Audio/Video Streaming – Streaming is a good choice, when you want to avail your lecture/presentation to your consumers, who have the license to access the media files. The streaming files are protected by secure encrypted technique and cannot be copied without your permission

  • Raise Hand Feature – Participants can use the ‘raise hand’ feature to get the teacher’s attention to ask questions similar to hand-raising in the physical classroom

  • Session Recording & Playback – Allows to record the presentation, meetings, conferences, lectures, trainings and more with HD audio-video and data for later use, you can store the downloaded file on your PC in native file format or upload it to your company’s website

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