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Cyber Security



Certificate Course

100% online



About the Course

The course has been designed to give students an extensive overview of Cyber Security issues, tools and techniques that are critical in solving problems in cyber security domains The course aims at providing students with concepts of computer security, cryptography, digital money, secure protocols, detection and other security techniques. The course will help students to gauge understanding in essential techniques in protecting Information Systems, IT infrastructure,analysing and monitoring potential threats and attacks, devising security architecture and implementing security solutions. The students will also have a wider perspective to information security from national security perspective from both technology and legal perspective. After completion of this course, the students should be able to understand, appreciate, employ, design and implement appropriate security technologies and policies to protect computers and digital information. Identify & Evaluate Information Security threats and vulnerabilities in Information Systems and apply security measures to real time scenarios Identify common trade-offs and compromises that are made in the design and development process of Information Systems Demonstrate the use of standards and cyber laws to enhance information security in the development process and infrastructure protection.


Skills Required:
Though, there is no particular prerequisite to learn Cyber Security, you will be able to do very well, if you have these basic skills:

    Basic Programming Knowledge
    Good command in Maths and Statistics
    Business Knowledge
    Data Visualisation skills
    Good communication skills.

Who Can Learn:
Any professional from Business Analytics/ Business Intelligence background. 

Engineering or Non-Engineering aspirants wanting to become a Data Scientist.

Managers from Analytics background and those who are leading a team of Analysts .

Any Data Analyst or Software Developer aspiring to be a Data Scientist.

Professionals wanting to build machine learning models, using distributed storage and distributed processing.



Course Study Materials

Module 1 : Cyber Security Concepts

  • 1.1 Cyber Security Concepts Essential Terminologies - CIA, Risks, Breaches, Attacks, Exploits

    Duration: 14:18
  • 1.2 Information Gathering (Social Engineering, Foot Printing & Scanning)

    Duration: 13:58
  • 1.3 Open Source Free Trial Tools nmap, zenmap

    Duration: 1:41
  • 1.4 Port Scanners, Network scanners

    Duration: 1:16
  • Cyber Security Concepts - Assessment

    5 Questions


100% online Course

Access from anywhere, anytime

eProctored Assessments

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English Language

Easy to understand simplified text & video content

100% online Course

Official recognition for better job placements and careers

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Please ensure your face is properly visible at the centre of this window.

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