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Introduction to Python

Certified By:
NITTTR Chandigarh, Ministry of Human Resources Development : Millionlights : Academic Council of uLektz

45 hours of Learning Content

Maximum 2 months.

Course overview:

In this course you will get an in-depth look at the details of Python layers and concepts. Get ample practice drills and projects, using Jupyter Notebooks on Azure, which require only a browser and an Internet connection. Learn best practices and begin coding almost immediately.

Program Structure:

This course is designed to get you started as quickly as possible. There are a variety of self-paced learning activities.

Videos and Demonstrations are located throughout the course to explain the concepts and provide system walk-throughs.

Program Details:

Using Python in Jupyter Notebooks

Gathering input and manipulating input/output

Building reusable Functions with parameters and return values

Decisions and repetition using conditional statements and loops

Effort or Learning time:

20 Hrs.

Skills Required:

Not any specific skill required to learn python.

Who can learn:

Anybody can learn Python.

Course Study Materials

Module 1

  • 1. Starting Jupyter Notebooks

  • Starting Jupyter Notebooks

    4 Questions
  • 2. Types & Variables

  • Types & Variables

    4 Questions
  • 3. Type Function

  • Type Function

    4 Questions
  • 4. Addition & Errors

  • Addition & Errors

    4 Questions
  • 5. ASCII Art

  • ASCII Art

    4 Questions
  • 6. Input

  • Input

    4 Questions
  • 7. Print Formatting

  • Print Formatting

    4 Questions
  • 8. Quote display & Boolean

  • Quote display & Boolean

    4 Questions
  • 9. String Formatting & in keyword

  • String Formatting & in keyword

    4 Questions

Module 2

  • 1. Simple Functions

  • Simple Functions

    4 Questions
  • 2. Function return & multi-parameters

  • Function return & multi-parameters

    4 Questions
  • 3. Sequence

  • Sequence

    4 Questions

Module 3

  • 1.Conditionals: Boolean Strings

  • Conditionals: Boolean Strings

    4 Questions
  • 2 Conditionals_ Comparison Operators

  • Conditionals_ Comparison Operators

    4 Questions
  • 3 String Comparison

  • String Comparison

    4 Questions
  • 4 Conditions elif and casting

  • Conditions elif and casting

    4 Questions
  • 5. Math Operators

  • Math Operators

    4 Questions

Module 4

  • 1.Nested Conditionals

  • Nested Conditionals

    4 Questions
  • 2.Escape Sequence

  • Escape Sequence

    4 Questions
  • 3.'while' loop and incrementing

  • 'while' loop and incrementing

    4 Questions
  • 4. 'while' Boolean loops

  • 'while' Boolean loops

    4 Questions

Final Assessment

  • Introduction to Python - Final Assessment

    25 Questions


The certificate issued for the Course will have the student's Name, Photograph, Course Title, Certificate number, Date of course completion and the name(s) and logo(s) of the Certifying Bodies. Only the e-certificate will be made available. No Hard copies. The certificates can be e-verifiable at www.ulektz.com/skills.

  • Students are required to take online assessments with eProctoring.
  • Students will be assessed both at the end of each module and at the end of the Course.
  • Students scoring a minimum of 50% in the assessments are considered for Certifications
100% online Course

Access from anywhere, anytime

eProctored Assessments

Authenticated and Verified Assessments

English Language

Easy to understand simplified text & video content


Official recognition for better job placements and careers

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