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Communication Skills in English


The Academic Council Of uLektz

Certificate Course

100% online



Course Description This course is designed to challenge students with advanced language skills to strengthen their speaking and listening abilities.

In this course, you will learn how to develop your Communication Skills to help you achieve success in your university studies. Learning Outcomes On completion of this course students will be able to: Convey ideas and information clearly and effectively An increased awareness of your own communication skills Demonstrate appropriate confidence and assertiveness Adapt your communication style to develop positive relationships with a diversity of people Increase ability to deliver communication effectively Identified the importance of confidence in responding to difficult communication situations Enhanced inter-personal communication.

Course Study Materials

Module 1 : Grammar

  • 1.1 Grammar - Plurals

  • 1.2 Adjectives ,Tense Forms

  • 1.3 Preposition & Articles

  • 1.4 Spelling , Punctuation

  • 1.5 Lexical sets , Action Words

  • 1.6 Active Passive form - Direct & Indirect Speech

  • 1.7 Question tag, Prefixes ,Suffixes

  • 1.8 Degrees of comparison,Idioms & Phrases

  • 1.9 Pronunciation

  • Grammar - Assessment

    195 Questions

Module 2 : Comprehension,Letter Writing

  • 2.1 Comprehension

  • 2.2 Personal Letters - Official Letters

  • 2.3 Short report writing

  • 2.4 Verbal to visual comprehension

  • 2.5 Writing about personal experiences - Writing short message

  • 2.6 Advertisement writing - Linkers - Hints Development

  • Comprehension,Letter Writing

    14 Questions


100% online Course

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English Language

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100% online Course

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