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Joining with us gives you access to more connection and networking opportunities in the Educational field. Our Corporate Membership plan is curated to provide any resource a Corporate might need in the Higher Education forum.

With our Corporate Membership plan, we provide increased visibility, priority for Online Events, Business and Educational Networking Activities and more. With our Corporate Membership plan, you can drive new revenue streams and scale your business to the next level.

Ensuring your employees, at any level, receive the appropriate training for their job is important.

That task is not as easy as it sounds. Each job has multiple training requirements which relate to different skill levels. Not only do you need to document and ensure successful completion but you need to be accessible. uLektz offers online skill courses which cater the needs of every employee.

Engage uLektz as your training partner and we will work with you to:

  • Define your target audience – their needs, requirements, and constraints.

  • Identify learning objectives and define measures of success

  • Collect the available content and information resources

  • Determine what learning method best suits your specific requirements

This analysis gives us the detail necessary to tailor training specifically for your needs, which encourages higher knowledge retention rates and gets your people up to speed more quickly. We develop your training and courseware solutions beyond what the average training and development companies can deliver.

Who can use our Corporate Business Plan

  • IT companies that serve Educational Institutions

  • Cloud Technology Service providers serving Higher Education Institutions

  • Marketing and Digital Media companies having a client from the Higher Education sector

  • Ed-Tech Companies


Join the largest International Ed-Tech group focused on the Higher Education Sector and enjoy exclusive benefits. Added to the exceptional Profitability which you will enjoy our Membership also Includes.

  • Publishing 2 news articles about the company on uLektz News for free of cost on yearly basis

  • 25% discount for Campus, ERP and Connect, Skill courses etc.,

  • Promote company in uLektz events as partners.

  • 50% discount for all the participants of member companies for any event conducted by uLektz.

  • Get connected with any other industry experts and other related field experts for sharing of knowledge.

  • Can get access to an unlimited number of jobs

Become a member

Enjoy the benefits of Corporate Membership with a consolidated charge of INR 10,000. Our Corporate Membership begins on the first day of the month in which your application and payment are processed, and it is valid for one year. Membership amount are non-refundable and non-transferable