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Are you looking for bespoken and readymade Educational IT/ITES Services?

You are in the right place! uLektz provides you custom IT and ITES Services for your organisation so that you can enjoy an enriched and holistic learning experience.

Existing Need

Education is no longer tied to a physical location like college campuses or other learning institutions. It's online now. You need to interact with your learners solution. The major hitch which you might face is providing the learning resources solution. May it be an updated curriculum that needs revamping, a much-needed eLearning Content that needs to be designed from scratch or an Informative and Interactive learning material like eBooks and Skills Courses which your learners need, you need an on-demand 24*7 technical partners to help you out. Because in the solution arena resources are not limited to books or classes. It's a whole new media-rich world to which you need to cater according to the needs of your learners. And that is where uLektz has got your back.

Our Service

At uLektz we have created sustainable and suitable IT and ITES Services which includes but not limited to online courses, eBooks, skill courses, White papers, interactive learning manuals, publication copies, syllabus creation, and much more for institutions in various sectors including Higher Education, Health care and skill development.

We understand that every organization, institution, learners and instructors are unique, and so are the needs of learning and training. To meet the specific requirements of our clients, we develop customized content and provide the best-fit learning solutions that are carefully chosen and executed using appropriate instructional design methodologies.

With a proven 10+ years of expertise, we will assist you in improving efficiency, effectiveness and enhance the growth of your institution. With our ready-to-use IT and ITES solutions, you can increase the productivity of your learners both at the institution level as well as the industry level.

Our Approach

Our services are designed and developed with a primary focus on the following three objectives


Analysing the industry demand forms the crux of our approach. We understand what the major stakeholders of our industry like students, teachers and administrators are looking for, and incorporate the same as part of our solutions and services. With hundreds of subject matter experts, academic counselor and significant Vice-chancellor and professors as part of our "knowledge network" we assure that our services are dynamic and up-to-date for our audience.


After analysing the need and demand existing in our industry through an extensive network of in-house and external experts, we match this data with our state-of-the-art technology to provide a solution that is easy to use, exciting to explore and economical to invest in.


Once the service/solution is finalised for release we conduct repetitive quality testing and share the beta version with our clients for approval. After its final approval from our clients, we package it according to the scope of the solution and release the same through the mediums related to and requested by our clients.

  • Academic Content Writing

  • eLearning Content Development

  • Online Courseware Development

  • Interactive eBook Development

  • Web Application Development

  • Mobile Application Development

Industries We cater to:

Over the years of working with a wide spectrum of clients from different industries and verticals, we have developed professional expertise and a wide network of eLearning consultants having rich experience in the following

  • K-12 Schools (CBSE, IGSE, London 'A', 'O' Levels, etc.,)

  • Higher Education - Colleges & Universities

  • Aeronautics, Engineering and Medical Sciences

  • Banking & Financial Sectors

  • Information Technology

  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

  • Safety Procedures & Training

  • Corporate, Adult and Community Learning

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