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eBook Readers and DRM

Protect and distribute your enhanced and interactive content

Your Digital Content Protection made Easy and Reliable.

Forget your piracy protection concerns with us. Publish, Protect and Distribute your enhanced and interactive Digital Content worry-free with our strong, safe and digitally encrypted DRM solutions.

uLektz DRM solutions provide you with multi-level DRM protection through which you can prevent piracy and illegal distribution of your Digital Content. With us, your customers can purchase and access your Digital eBooks with ease.

DRM for static and multimedia-rich content

Protecting multimedia-rich, interactive and engaging content is no more a challenge. With Lektz DRM, you can protect content of different formats and standards such as PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3 (free-flow and fixed-layout).

Strong piracy protection

With 128-bit AES Encryption Algorithm, Device MAC ID Verification and User Authentication, Lektz DRM provides a very strong Digital Rights Management (DRM) mechanism for content protection from piracy and illegal distribution.