We have officially entered a new era of education. Our focus shifted from a knowledge-based approach to an experience-based one. Education is no longer restricted to a physical location. Digital Education is the new norm whether you like it or not. To help you in your digital transformation journey, you need the right tools.LMS ranks first in that regard. With a learning management system, you can provide a better experience for students, faculties and administrators. And with uLektz LMS – uLektz Campus, you can do much more than that.

uLektz Campus is a SaaS-based LMS designed to digitise the entire educational process. The main USP of uLektz Campus is its myriad range of holistic solutions that help institutions to thrive in a complex and dynamic environment. With a slew of integrated features, this LMS aims to provide a one-stop solution to all the major stakeholders in the higher education industry. It uses Artificial Intelligence at the core of its offerings thereby creating an AI-powered ecosystem to help institutions stay ahead of education transformation challenges.

uLektz LMS- A consortium of SaaS based solutions

In the quest for digital transformation, institutions across the world have used different LMS based on their needs. As opposed to the popular LMS like Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard etc, uLektz Campus is a SaaS-based LMS. Meaning, the LMS is provided as a Service. With uLektz Campus, you can shift your entire education system to the online forum through a set of Software As A Service LMS. Still, uLektz Campus is only a part of the entire spectrum of solutions that this startup is offering.

There are various solutions available under the uLektz banner, based on your education goals. If it is a social learning platform you are looking for, you can use uLektz Campus Lite for that. If it is a Campus Management Tool, you can opt for that solution and leave the rest out. This way the 360 degree LMS gives the control to the institution to choose from the wide range of solutions they are offering. The key here is to understand which solutions suit your education institution’s needs and choose them accordingly.

A slew of easy to use LMS features

uLektz Campus stands a class apart from its other competitors by keeping things as simple as possible. The LMS offers seamless and powerful features wherein you can easily integrate AI-backed insights into your offline educational activities and provide a smooth online experience for all parties involved. This way you increase academic effectiveness, enhance student’s success and improve institutional outcomes.

Here is a sneak peek of the various services offered by uLektz LMS.

Student-centric features of uLektz LMS

Students are the first point of contact you should focus on when you are digitising your education process. You need an LMS solution that satisfies the major requirements of your students- classes, courses and resources. And the exciting part is your users need not install any separate apps or programmes to enjoy these features. It is provided as a service through white-labelled web and mobile apps.

Live Virtual Classroom

Online classes and virtual classrooms are common in digital education. However, uLektz LMS stands a class apart through its virtual classroom solution- uLektz Meet that has exciting features like

  • Single-click invite

  • Automated attendance marking and tracking

  • Lectures recording

  • Group chat

Through uLektz Meet, students can virtually connect with their teachers, have live peer discussion about course content, access previous lectures through digital library storage and experience the feel of traditional classroom learning digitally.

Also from the faculty’s perspective, they can easily upload necessary files needed for the class, record their sessions, share resource materials beyond the expected syllabus, and can monitor the student’s performance through live attendance marking and tracking.

Digital Library of eContent

Another pain point from a student’s perspective is the availability and access to the course syllabus and resource materials. When it comes to resource materials, it can be of any format including- audio, text and video. To answer this requirement, a student should have access to the central and personal level digital libraries in which the necessary resources are updated. uLektz LMS answers this need through an inclusive solution- Digital Library of eContent.

Using its digital library function, uLektz offers a large collection of learning resources in the required format for various subjects, streams and disciplines. This library can be monitored and accessed by the faculty, students and administrators too. Also through this digital-first solution, faculties can convert their lecture notes into eBooks and upload and share the same with their respective students. Through a huge database that has more than 100,00+ open online journals as complimentary content, uLektz Campus adds a distinctive advantage through functionalities like

  • Enhanced storage space

  • Ease of access

  • Find and Retrieval

  • Ease of sharing

  • Asset creation.

Institution-centric features of uLektz LMS

Added to the day-to-day activities in running an education institution, administrators are also responsible for the business side of things. While other LMS in the market offer services for an institution’s educational requirements, uLektz Campus services focus on the business end too.

Online Admission and Fee Collection

uLektz LMS offers one of the best-in-class automated online admission and fee collection system through which institutions can

  • Create and manage customisable application forms based on programmes and courses offered.

  • Analyse, monitor and track user payments

  • Analyse, monitor and track the admission process by focusing on metrics like eligibility of the candidate, digital documentation, academic details etc.

  • Provide authenticated and secure payment application for payment

Online exams with remote proctoring

One of the key competencies in education is periodic assessment. Periodic assessments not only evaluate the level of knowledge and understanding of the learners but also determines the performance of the institution as a whole. In the path of digitising offline educational activities, you need to invest not only in conducting Online exams with remote proctoring. But what is remote proctoring?

A remote proctoring programme is used to maintain the integrity of an online exam. Through remote proctoring, a student can attend the online exam while the programme monitors the student’s activities during the duration of the exam. With uLektz LMS institutions can

  • Verify, Monitor and Authenticate the credentials of the student before the exam

  • Live Monitoring of the students during the exam

  • Prevent users from accessing web browser or other application during exam

  • Create, customise or upload question banks, multiple-choice questions etc

AI-based Personal Guidance

Another area where uLektz Campus has a distinct edge over its competitors is Artificial Intelligence. In this regard, this particular solution is more than just an LMS.

Imagine having an Edutech application that understands your life goals, suggests the necessary course, connects you with a respective network and guides you to the right job. uLektz Campus does just that.

By using digital-first technologies like AI, machine learning and Big data, this AI-based personalised 360-degree guidance system helps its users in

  • Building a social network according to the user’s educational goals

  • Assessing respective resources that align with user area of interests

  • Recommends respective courses that align with the user’s needs, goals and visions

  • Suggests the opportunities of the right internship according to the field the user is interested in

  • Understands the right career path based on the user’s needs, goals and visions, and recommends the same

  • Pulls out the concerned news around the user’s field of interests

  • Suggests education events based on the user’s interests

This way through uLektz LMS you get a learning management system that is easy to use, understands your needs, helps you in making smart life career choices and recommends a personalised learning path that is created just for you.

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