Professors and K-12 teachers might not always socialize within the same places that their students do, but their networks are even as important to their lives and careers. When the pandemic forced numerous businesses to form remote working the new norm and standard industry practice, various formidable challenges hopped in all of sudden. The surge in online learning and social media has given social learning a replacement lease of life. While efficient and cost-effective, online learning makes sure people engage within the learning process more comfortably as they are doing on social media.

Over the last decade , social media platforms have demonstrated that humans can create considerable connections and have interaction in interactions online. This has proved how vital these social learning interactions can be to one’s education.

The importance of social learning in the education industry has doubled since the COVID-19 Pandemic. Socializing with colleagues was once an integral part of the day in the life.The current situation has put a stop to this for the betterment of mankind. But that doesn’t mean socializing or learning through social interactions will stop also . Social learning can still exist over a learning management system where informal learning and knowledge flow will still flourish.

Learning from each other is what people have always done, so social and collaborative learning as a learning method is probably going the oldest one alive . Even if our approach to training and learning has evolved over time, we still inevitably learn from those we collaborate with.

Social learning is highlighted by Forbes together of the highest 10 business trends to drive success, so what does it look like? How do you take advantage of it?

And what are the benefits? Let’s dive in and take a glance .

Social Learning Is Growing – Here’s Why

While social learning at its core is defined as learning through interactions with colleagues and peers, it’s important to notice that this doesn’t always need to be one-on-one or face-to-face. It are often facilitated through social software and platforms that connect workers in several locations and enable them to share valuable knowledge capital.

Social learning presents an enormous opportunity for enterprises because learning technology is now mature enough to deal with common concerns associated with tracking, recognition, and security. What’s more, social learning technologies now converge and integrate with other performance and productivity systems to supply full enterprise technology solutions.

This has paved the thanks to now measure the effectiveness of social learning initiatives and therefore the results represent themselves.

  • Social learning approaches have a 75:1 ROI ratio compared to formal web-based training.
  • Course completion increased to 85% on HBX, a Harvard Business School online education initiative when it introduced social learning.
  • Productivity gains enabled through using a social learning platform can be as high as 35% by being able to connect with others using social tech.
  • 82% of businesses that use social learning tools want to increase their use in the future.

Social Learning Networks: Changing the tutorial landscape for both teachers and learners

Why should academics be using social media? And which social media should they be using? There are numerous tools and networks that would be of potential use to scholars that it are often difficult to stay track. uLektz Connect is the right answer for all your concerns

Social Learning Networks bring both the educators and learners on an equivalent platform. Since they elevate the natural processes of learning, they’re simpler than the traditional classroom learning method. Moreover, they supply better hands on learning experience since learning is usually wiped out an interactive environment using one to at least one also as group discussions.

The ulektz Connect platform has been designed keeping the requirement of both educators and learners in mind. Its model has the perspective of learners, educators and organisations.

0For individuals: uLektz Connect helps individual students, educators, alumni and industry professionals to connect and share their knowledge, experience and expertise. By using AI and Machine Learning, it provides its users with 360 degree personalised guidance and appropriate resources for enhancing education, skills and careers. Individual users can access the digital library, skill courses and all the personalised resources for enhancing their skills and career

For Societies and organisation: uLektz connect helps professional bodies, associations, societies and organisations to stay connected with their members, deliver added value services, collect memberships fee online and increase memberships.

  • Manage the digital records and online profiles of all your members, promote your organisation and increase memberships.
  • Stay connected with your members and keep them updated with the latest updates via instant messages and notifications.
  • Facilitate your members to connect with each other for professional networking, peer education and social learning.
  • Create a digital library of eBooks, literature, reports, etc., and provide its access to your registered members.
  • Organise and conduct online events such as conferences, webinars, etc., for your members and the general public at large.
  • Offer online courses with digital certificates to your members for professional and career development.
  • Help members with better job and career development opportunities through networking and references.
  • Send automated reminders to your members for membership fee payments and collect the fee online.

How uLektz Connect helps you to stay Aligned with the accreditation bodies?

uLektz Connect helps institutions facilitate academia-industry connect and ensure students success by providing resources for education, skill development and careers. National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) conducts assessment and accreditation of Higher Educational Institutions (HEI) to evaluate the institutions for their conformance to the standards of quality based on 7 (seven) criteria.

Implementing uLektz Connect helps institutions scoring higher grades on the following areas of NAAC’s Value Framework:

  •  Fostering Global Competencies among Students: By facilitating students, alumni and industry connect.
  • Inculcating a Value System among Students: By facilitating peer education and social learning.
  • Promoting the Use of Technology: By providing a digital library of learning resources, online courses and facilitating ease of communication and collaboration.
  • Contributing to National Development: By facilitating your students and expert faculty to connect with students and faculty in the underprivileged sections of the society for inclusive and national development.

Criteria and Weights:

  • Infrastructure and Learning Resources:  Digital Library of learning resources
  • Student Support and Progression: Alumni and Industry Connect, Online Skill Courses, Student Development Programs (Workshops, Seminars, etc.), Internships and Jobs Support.
  • Institutional Values & Best Practices: Peer Education and Social Learning for Inclusive Development of Education, Skills and Careers.
  • Manage the digital records and online profiles of all your current students, faculty members and alumni
  • Stay connected with all the members of your institutions and keep them updated with the latest updates through instant messages, notifications, etc.
  • Help connect students, faculty, alumni and industry professionals for academia-industry connect to share knowledge, experience and expertise.
  • Create a digital library of ebooks, videos, lecture notes, journals, etc., and provide its access to all the members of your institution.
  • Offer massive open online courses (MOOCs) to your students and faculty members for improving academic performance and skills.
  • Organise and conduct educational events such as student development programmes, symposiums, seminars, conferences, FDPs, etc.
  • Help your students practice and prepare for various competitive exams, entrance exams, job placements exams, etc.
  • Support students with internships and job placements, and ensure their success.

We help you implement your own social learning platform

Adopting social learning in the institution ensures continuous engagement, information retention, satisfaction, and effective learning. In addition, it helps forge stronger connections between educators and learners that can help in achieving personal well-being and boost extraordinary outcomes.

However, to successfully capitalize on the benefits of social learning, with specific relevance to the eLearning context, you need the right tools and help.

Investing in the right platform that provides cutting-edge features such as instant messaging, gamification, discussions, and surveys can ensure you are moving in the right direction.

uLektz Connect can be referred as “An alternative to LinkedIn for Higher Education”. It is a networking and social learning platform exclusively designed for students, alumni and industry connect, and provide appropriate resources for education, skill development, internships and jobs. offers colleges and universities their own branded cloud-based web portal and mobile app for Students, Alumni and Industry Connect. We help institutions drive improved institutional outcomes, ensure students progression, score higher grades in NAAC/NIRF and enable success for the institution.

Contact us today to promote your institution as a Thought Leader in your field/region and attract students worldwide. Book a demo with us to know Score higher CGPA in NAAC, improve ranking in NIRF and stay aligned with the recommendations of NEP, UGC, AICTE, etc. Get the first of its kind social learning and networking platform implemented within 72 hours for your institution.