The one good thing about the publishing industry is its customers. Irrespective of the times we live in, or the technologies we use, publishers will always have readers, as long as they can cater to their customer’s needs. Over the years, the reader’s expectations have changed. Added to interesting books, which used to be the main focal points before, they are looking for something more. In this digital era, your readers are looking for books that are easy to buy, interesting to read, offer better connectivity and accessibility, and other exciting perks accompanying the purchased book. Rather than just a book, they are looking for a reading experience that publishers can only cater through eBooks. If, as a customer-centric publisher, you can meet these needs you are safe. Hence you need a good ebook distributing service, one that understands your customer’s needs and delivers them diligently.

However, the digital landscape in the publishing industry is becoming more disruptive with numerous interesting players competing against each other. As an academic publisher, you might be beguiled to choose from a varied range of eBook distributing options available. Because for academic publishing and distributing services the rules differ when compared to the usual ebook distributors. What you need is a dedicated academic distributor that understands the pulse of the academic publishing industry. This article is to help you in figuring out the best distributor that fits your academic publishing needs.

Factors to consider while choosing an eBook distributing service

To choose an effective eBook distribution system you first need to consider factors revolving around three major areas

  • Factors concerning your book and its author
  • Factors concerning your publishing company
  • Factors concerning your audience

An ideal distributor for an academic publisher is the one that provides benefits for all the above-mentioned concerns.

An eBook distributing service that is best for your eBook and its author

Usually, academic authors have established professionals in the industry with a whole lot of experience in their field. If you can build a good relationship with such authors by providing the best class services which benefit the author as well as the book, then you will have loyal authors who will be interested to publish their upcoming books with you in the long run. Hence you need an eBook distributing service that keeps the best interests of your author at the forefront.


Royalty is the first factor that any author would look for while choosing their publisher. In academic publishing, royalty is usually calculated based on

  • Cost of Book production,
  • print and distribution charges
  • Marketing and Advertising charges

And other miscellaneous charges incurred while publishing an ebook. As a result, an author gets only 20 or 30 royalty. But if you can use an eBook distributing service that is cost-effective, provides better packages and offers you better royalty, then your author will be happy with you, and you will have a successful eBook publishing company.

Piracy Protection

One of the major concerns in the publishing industry is piracy protection. When it comes to eBook publishing piracy protection is one of the major concerns authors are worried about. However many technological advancements have been made in recent years to protect the eContent from illegal distribution. You need to choose an eBook distributor that uses the latest digital rights management tools to protect and distribute your eBooks safely and securely.

An eBook distributing service that has the best interest of your Publishing company

Your eBook distributor is basically your partner in ensuring the success of the book being distributed. Hence you need an eBook distributor that offers amazing packages that ensure successful eBook distribution.

Digital Library Support

When your audience prefers using eBooks they will need a digital library where they can access their eBooks. You need an eBook distributor that offers seamless Digital Library support that offers access to cost-effective and multiple formats of eLearning resources. This way your audience can access your books anytime, anywhere.

Data Analytics Support

These days businesses strive by employing the power of data and analytics. Without data, you will be shooting arrows in the dark. Hence you need an eBook distributor that offers better data capabilities through which

  • you can understand your customers and their profile,
  • reach more potential buyers
  • and make informed decisions about opportunities through which you can increase your sales.

An eBook distributing service that loves your audience

The education industry is on the cusp of a digital revolution. Hence your audience is looking for solutions and services that promote digital transformation. If your eBook distributing service helps you in producing, organising, distributing, managing and monetising eBook content in a way your audience prefer, then it’s a win-win situation for you.

Branded eBook Reader App

One of the best ways to impress your audience is through the way they consume your eBook. If you can provide a branded eBook app under your publication’s name with exciting features, they will prefer your publication for any/every academic eBook requirement.

Offering more than eBooks

Some interesting opportunities are available exclusively for academic publishers and distributors like converting lecture notes into eBooks with royalty, converting question banks into eBooks, creating a consortium for content Resources etc. As an academic publisher, having these extra features gives you an edge over your competitors. You need an eBook distributor that offers you this edge, added to the promised eBook distributing service.

Technology used

The publishing industry is not about publishing pdf formatted eBooks anymore. We have come a long way from that. In today’s technocentric space, your readers prefer eBooks created with the latest technologies ePub3, HTML etc which offers them better readability, connectivity, media support and other exciting features. While choosing your eBook distributor you need to choose the one that offers these features to support your eBook.

With the publishing and Distributing industry becoming more complex in today’s publishing landscape, you need a smart eBook distributor who understands your needs, your book’s needs and your audience’s needs, and provides you with the right eBook distributing service that promises better coverage and other amazing features. Choosing your eBook distributor wisely will decide your publishing house’s success in the coming years.

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