If you’re an education institution or university checking out ways to reinforce your teaching methods or to modify from traditional learning to online learning then you actually must have heard this term called LMS. A recent study shows that educational institutions are willing to invest up to $350 billion in education technology by 2025. This includes tools like video conferencing, virtual tutoring, and, most importantly, learning management systems (LMS). Do you wonder why?

Often called an LMS briefly, a learning management system is a software application that gives the framework that handles all aspects of the training process,it’s where you house, deliver and track your training content. A learning management system is software that’s designed specifically to create, distribute, and manage the delivery of educational content. The LMS is often hosted as a stand-alone product on the company server, or often a cloud-based platform that’s hosted by the software firm.

We live in uncertainty because the COVID-19 virus continues to post as a threat to everyone and that we are slowly getting adapted to the new normal. LMS is the quintessential tool during this point where social distancing and lockdown protocols are in situ. The key benefits of learning management systems include:

An LMS Saves Time and Money

Using a Learning Management System eliminates the cost of printing study materials, buying books, using online video conferencing tools, like Zoom which may require a subscription based on the user as well as other online training site rentals. An LMS helps with the entire management of teaching schedules and materials, thus saving time and money.

Easy Implementation

An LMS is a software that is easy to implement in colleges and institutions. It brings together all types of learning content, resources, and material in one place. All your learning materials are stored in one central location rather than being saved across different hard drives and devices. One of the benefits of LMS is that they assist you to organise your content better by keeping them in a single location. There are several advantages to the present. This greatly helps organizations in preventing loss of data since all of it’s stored in one location and should be accessed within the least times. Having all the training data in one place makes it easier for you to review various programs and their progress. Moreover, it also helps ensure a specific consistency in distributing learning since everyone gets equal access to all. It also becomes easy to update and modify the existing content. It helps in saving time, cost, and efforts

Easy tracking of progress

The Learning Management system allows the teachers and administrative staff to track the performance of the students. You will be provided with useful statistics to track the activity and progression of students using charts or visual representations of data. By tracking the relevant data, you’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your training. Monitoring the general scores, success rates and even time spent on your LMS will further indicate how your LMS is being received.

In traditional learning, teachers and administrative staff need a lot of data to find out gaps or areas of improvement such as grades, attendance, test scores, and performance reviews. With learner analytics in an LMS system, your college or university gets access to far more in-depth data to form decisions. Metrics detailing how individual students are interacting with courses, what devices they’re using, what proportion of time they’re spending on assignments, and even where they’re clicking within the system can point your team in the right direction to enhance the training experience.

Fully customizable

Whether you decide to implement an LMS solution for regular classes, certify skills, ensure compliance, or track performance, you need to engage people in your training.

It starts with leveraging your brand. A cloud-based LMS allows administrators to customize the brand; the theme, the domain and make custom pages to form them appear as if yours.

Organized content

When you implement an in-house LMS, the information is hosted on your servers. But, local servers are often less reliable than the cloud. With cloud-based LMS, the software, built-in security measures, and data are hosted on the foremost reliable and secure cloud on the market.

All training and development materials and data are stored in one location. Having centralized data helps you maintain consistency with the delivery, modification, and tracking of your training materials.

Moreover, you’ll be able to assign users different administrative roles and access to only what they have to do and thus restrict user access to guard certain functions on the platform

Hassle-free maintenance

Often people look at the value and stress of maintenance when choosing an LMS. However, updating and upgrading the system is often a serious expense. One of the benefits of SaaS LMS solutions is that it accompanies regular updates and user-friendly interfaces. Thus, you’ll upload and maintain your online training content with ease. The SaaS LMS vendor also will upgrade the platform to form room for advancement in technology. A secondary advantage of this is often reducing IT costs. There is no need to hire an IT staff to take care of your SaaS LMS or to fix it

Benefits of LMS for teachers

Research says that,

  • 20% growth in tablet usage in one year

  • 66% of teachers want more tech in the classroom

  • 9/10 students say technology in the classroom will help them get jobs in future

Here is the list of how LMS serves as a great advantage for teachers

Making the administrative task easier

Online learning solutions provide much-needed effectiveness for teachers, allowing them to maximize the potential for individual learning curves and designs within the classroom. Many online learning solutions account for self-paced learning and permit students and teachers to collaboratively work together to satisfy scheduled targets.

Learning management systems reduce administration time, allowing longer time spent on teaching. Embracing learning management systems helps teachers track individual student progress more easily by using interactive charts for group and individual reports.

Professional development for teachers

Teaching with learning resources as a way of updating and honing one’s approach to teaching forces teachers to constantly up-skill themselves, successively making professional development a daily activity.

Technology and access to online learning help teachers to share a readily available source of unlimited academic content, also to teach themselves how best to share and personalize this vast network of content to students. This access to training assists teachers to understand what sort of training is working for his or her students, supporting changes and modifications to lesson plans.

Benefits of LMS for students

The research has demonstrated that online learning leads to increased student satisfaction and reduced stress, resulting in improved learning outcomes for everyone involved. Some of the advantages of online learning include efficiency, effectiveness, convenience, scalability, and re usability.

Easy Access

Web-based LMS is often accessed from anywhere, allowing students to log in to review homework, assignments, or execute other tasks. Similarly, if students f need login credentials to access an internet site for homework, they will use the LMS from home to ascertain their assignments and find the necessary resources.

LMS are often excellent tools to simplify and organize the digital aspects of the classroom; they provide one portal through which students access learning material, eBooks,connect with industry partners and to get employed.

Consolidated resources for students

A major advantage of LMS is the wide range of resources in one location and makes these accessible with one login. For instance, many of the resources that educators want students to access require a login, LMS makes it possible for educators to consolidate these resources for students, alleviating the necessity to juggle multiple logins. The systems also function as a portal through which students are ready to easily see assignments and grades, read articles and eBooks which may help them better manage their learning.

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