The idea of digital eBooks replacing print books isn’t new. Within the new world order of remote learning, digital libraries play a quintessential role. Apart from offering the convenience of storing books in digital format, it gives an exceptional solution to induce far from the effort of maintaining repositories and sophisticated filing systems of traditional libraries.
There are enough reasons why publishers, also as readers, should give digital libraries a try. The most important advantage of a digital library is that they facilitate easy information retrieval and security of content.

They also offer way more versatility than print and have much more benefits that make the reading experience more enjoyable for users. The simple accessibility and 24/7 availability of those libraries further help enterprises and academic institutions to make use of electronically accessible articles, academic content, lecture notes, and far more.

And yet we can find most of the publishers skeptical about adapting to Digital Publishing Solutions. The reasons for this are many and are usually attributed to myths associated with Digital Publishing. We have analyzed some of them.

Will eBooks replace print books?

One of the major reasons why publishers are skeptical about digital is their reluctance to change. In the publishing field, the old way works, and publishers have built their businesses around this traditional way of publishing. However, publishers have to understand that their reader’s preference has changed over the past few years.

Your readers are digital natives and they expect a digital-first reading experience too. Agreed, there are certain die-hard traditional readers out there who still prefer print books. But the majority has shifted to eBooks. In such a scenario your reader expects a top-notch reading experience. Converting your print books to PDFs won’t work. You need an established eBook solution that offers good quality and digitally enhanced eBooks for your readers. Hence as a publisher, you need to understand that your readers prefer eBooks and why they prefer eBooks.

With eBooks, publishers can even build their reputation within readers because it gives them the chance to introduce the users to simply accessible and affordable content that they can’t access otherwise. With eBooks, publishers can easily provide quality and trending eBooks quickly when compared to their traditional counterparts. Added with the consumption of your eBooks the production and distribution are easy, effective, and efficient. These are some of the most strong points a publisher must consider about Digital.

Another added advantage of Digital publishing is, Publishers can use eBooks to leverage their print book sales too. Wondering how? It’s pretty easy and simple. Given the very fact that eBooks are shareable and simply accessible to readers, it helps publishers expand their audience by sharing it online. When more audiences consume your content, they create more demand for the same, which you can channelize it smartly based on your audience preferences.

For example, let’s assume you have released the latest eBook about Engineering and you have targeted college students as your audience. With easily accessible and cost-effective, your audience will search for other related books to the ones you have published recently. If you have planned your marketing activities smartly you can channelize this search to your other print offering under the same or similar genre.

Also, eBooks work great for your digital marketing activities. eBooks are particularly great assets within the attractive stage of the inbound marketing strategy. They create brand marketing awareness and offer value to visitors who are potential customers by giving them something useful. By managing to try to do it right, publishers can turn those visitors into leads by gathering their data and moving them to the convert stage.

eBooksare Convenient and Cost Effective

The fact that the readers are not compelled to physically hunt out a book or reference material makes digital eBook libraries much more attractive for your readers. eBooks are convenient, cost-efficient, and less energy-consuming. And eBooks with a digital library option is a done deal for your readers. Here is why.

A digital library is a section where readers can access almost any form of information within no time. While with the case of print books, the value involved is comparatively high in Digital library that’s not the case. Because with print books you have to consider the value of printing, binding, shipping, and distribution, there also are labor costs that increase the ultimate price of the book. With digital books, you have to spend or invest only one-fourth of these efforts.
The books which are in electronic format can easily be designed, delivered, and distributed to a digital library. Your users will then download your ebooks to their computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or any reading device thereby reducing the efforts from your side and increasing the results.

In Fact, there are no areas in which eBooks lag when compared to Print Books.
Almost sort of a printed book, eBooks can have a table of contents, pictures, graphics, and numbered pages to make reading more fun and enjoyable Additionally, keeping eBooks in an exceedingly digital setup takes up much less space as there isn’t any physical place needed to store them. A digital library can store hundreds and thousands of eBooks on a reading device or computer. Unlike printed copies, eBooks are often easily updated just in case of any information changes. it’s much simpler to remain a digital library up thus far with the most recent changes and updated information.

The myth about eBooks and online piracy

Another major concern for publishers when it comes to Digital Publishing is Online Piracy. Are their eBooks safe in online forums? What if some unauthorized reproduction happens which can sync off the sales? This is a myth that needs attention and explanation.

The rise of the digital age has democratized information and has provided us with free access. This quick access has given rise to online piracy. eBook piracy, which involves unauthorized circulation or duplication. it is a retardant impacting publishers and authors, who are constantly trying to seek out ways to shield eBooks.

We understand that the unauthorized distribution of eBooks significantly affects the revenues, for the publisher also and also the author. To combat this, publishers must possess protected eBooks to forestall illegal circulation and duplication. DRM ensures that digital documents like eBooks and web-based content are protected against data leakage, theft, and misuse. It’s a knowledge encryption method that prevents anyone from accessing content without the right access key.

Digital Rights Management ensures that only authorized users have access to the eBook. You’ll be ready to embed your content with the DRM protection software ensuring the protection of your eBooks against unauthorized use and misuse.

uLektz Books let your readers purchase and access your Digital Rights Management-enabled eBooks with ease. By integrating DRM alongside your website and hosting it on your server, you may allow your readers to download the eBooks using their single username and password, and access them on any device.

But stop, you might be wondering why you need uLektz when there are a lot of other options out there. And we are here to give you a highly monetized answer for this. Sales!

How can you increase your eBook sales with us?

With the creative freedom offered by the web, there are unlimited ways to plug your ebook online and boost its sales. The most popular ways of promotion are creating a web page with program optimization (SEO) features, writing a blog that tells readers about the book, and using social media marketing. All of these options provide you with the creative freedom to and cross-promote them as you please, so it’s very easy to start a buzz about it on multiple platforms, thereby increasing its sales.

The whole purpose of this is often to make them affordable and convenient. Pricing your book too high will discourage readers from reading it because they’ll not have the interest to pay such a high price for a virtual item. Conversely, if the price is just too low, readers won’t notice its value, thinking that it might be of lower quality. There are a few ways to encourage readers to make a buying deal and thus boost your eBook’s sales, like offering freebies and deals. Limited-time deals will attract more readers, especially people who typically wouldn’t buy the book in the first place. Alternatively, making the first eBook free allows you to charge for sequels because people will already be familiar with the book’s topic and elegance. With uLektz you will be ready to sell your eBooks and purchase your eBooks using the coupons that are without online payment. In conjunction with an ebook reader app in your company’s name, uLektz Books allows you to urge coupons for eBooks and distribute them through your print books or retail stores

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